The next evolution in technology for telephone lines

As their name states, Session Internet Protocol (SIP) Trunks use Internet Protocol (IP) to essentially deliver the same communication as PRI Trunks with enhanced features only IP can provide.

SIP Trunks versus PRI


Cost Savings: Overall SIP Trunks are cheaper due to less regulatory fees and the utilization of your existing Internet Access for transmission. Long Distance charges are also less and in most cases included at no charge with the SIP Trunks.

Redundancy: Internet Protocol (IP) technology allow SIP Trunks to automatically fail over to another location.

Less Hardware: SIP Trunks don’t need expensive hardware to function. They can be utilized in a completely virtual software environment.


Internet Access: Since most SIP trunks rely on your Internet Access it is very important to have a reliable connection for stable clear communication. If your internet is down so are your SIP trunks.

Upgrade Cost: Unless you are purchasing a new PBX you will need to invest in new hardware and licenses to use SIP Trunks.

Why Universal SIP Trunks

Not all SIP Trunks are created equal:

Unlike PRI, there is no universal standard protocol with SIP trunks. Each provider has subtle differences on how they configure their service. Since we are providing the SIP Trunks we ensure proper configuration to your PBX for crystal clear communication.

We understand your business:

Since we manage your telephone system (PBX) we understand how SIP Trunks can best benefit your business. Just because it’s the latest technology doesn’t necessarily mean making the change is beneficial for your business.  

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