Secure, convenient, and flexible solutions to control and track who accesses Your building

Security has become a major priority worldwide. With today’s increased emphasis on public safety and asset protection, companies are looking for affordable, high quality security solutions. Businesses are looking for reliable systems to help them better protect their people, property and assets, as well as their customers and clients. Implementing Access Controls both external and internal gives you complete and customized control to who has access to and within your building and when that access is allowed.

Why you need Access Control for your business

Eliminate Keys

Not only does it remove a burden from your employees to carry around multiple additional keys for each specific secure area in your company, but it also removes a significant security risk from lost keys in the public domain as well as former employees.

Tiered Security

Ensure greater security by controlling and documenting access to not just the building itself, but specific rooms or areas.  Mitigate risks of theft or injury by ensuring only approved employees have access to areas with cash, pharmaceuticals, or key intellectual property.

Centralized Control System 

Manage all your access points, including at multiple locations through a central location, including remotely.  Make any adds/changes, set up temporary access, or lock down the entire building.  Includes full reporting capabilities.

Integrates with Security Systems 

Document fully who accesses locations by tying into your security system and the full reporting power of our central management platform.

Universal ComOne Can Provide:

Access Control Solutions

  • Door Access Controls – Get rid of locks and keys and use a much more convenient and customizable method of controlling access to your office, as well as offering tiered security within certain areas of your business – all controlled by a central platform.
  • Video Intercom – Recognize a visitor coming into the main entrance or secure room before granting access.
  • Enterprise Security Integration – Link security camera and access controls to provide digital images identifying cause of alarms or access events.
  • Multiple Credentials – Users can gain access through different styles and types of Readers using cards, key fobs, codes, cell phones, biometric and long-range vehicle credentials or employ 2-step verification for additional security.

Universal ComOne’s Access Control Benefits

  • No annual licensing fees 
  • Multi-site management 
  • Real time alarms and notifications 
  • Audit-trail reporting
  • Existing System Retrofitting
  • Integration to video surveillance system

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