A complete support plan for your IT

Our managed services and solutions deliver the same results and expertise of a staffed IT department at a fraction of the cost. We combine the latest monitoring software, qualified IT professionals and a proactive process to prevent future outages that lead to costly downtime.

Why do you need a Managed IT Plan?


You can’t afford to not protect your assets.  Hackers are diligently working to compromise your network.  Traditional anit-virus is not enough  protection these days, you need a multi-layer system to protect you.      

Industry Compliance

Maintaining regulatory compliance is a necessity to ensure customer integrity and costly fines to your business.  

Business Continuity

Downtime can be very costly to your business.  Without a plan not only will you be down for days, but it is too late to recover your data. 

Secure Data

You customer data is the life of your business, plus your customers are depending on you to keep it safe.  Our process ensures you have multiple copies of your data onsite and offsite to protect against any threat.

Proactive Monitoring

Our software agents are constantly monitoring your IT network 24/7 to ensure efficient performance.  We are instantly alerted to any suspicious activity to minimize the impact to your business.    


Nothing is more frustrating than constant issues with your IT infrastructure.  If you are not performing basic maintenance you will be fraught with issues such as slow internet, can’t print, PC locking up, malware, etc.    


Since most of our work is “behind the scenes” you may not see us onsite working.  Our detailed reporting provides you a summary of all the work being performed to secure and keep your infrastructure performing efficiently.

OneDesk Service Plans

Essential Plan

  • Low monthly per device fee
  • Pay labor rate for services as needed

Designed for small businesses that don’t necessarily require daily IT support, but still need the expertise of qualified IT personal to protect their data and support their business. 

Premier Plan

  • Fixed monthly per device fee
  • All remote and onsite labor included to manage devices
  • Consistent IT cost for business budget planning

Designed for businesses that require daily support from IT staff, have highly specialized data needs, or may have sensitive data that needs to be monitored for security. Instead of investing in dedicated IT personnel or staff, save that investment for your business and allow our team to support you.

OneDesk Support Plan Features

Device Monitoring and Alerts

  • 24/7 health monitoring of all devices
  • Servers or critical workstations go offline
  • Unauthorized software is added or removed
  • Low disk space
  • Device utilization changes
  • Device configuration changes
  • Forbidden application attempts to access devices
  • Unregistered devices appear on the network


  • Devices are safeguarded against Intrusion, Phishing Attacks and Malware
  • Devices include managed Anti-Virus Protection

Help Desk & On-site Support

  • Help Desk call center managed by skilled IT professionals
  • Remote support providing quick call resolution
  • Scheduled Onsite visits when necessary

Vendor Management

  • Manage support tickets with 3rd party software vendors

Consulting / Project Management

  • Annual assessment to discuss your business
  • Business growth and budget planning
  • Business process improvements
  • Disaster recovery planning

Reporting / Auditing

  • Concise reporting detailing our activity for peace of mind when you don’t necessarily see us onsite
  • Device Inventory
  • Software License Inventory
  • Patch Management
  • Device Uptime History
  • Device Network & Disk Utilization
  • Anti-Virus, Malware, Intrusion Detection Events
  • Event Log History
  • Other reports available with customizable options for your needs


  • Phone, Email, Chat, SMS ticket submission
  • Ticket history reports
  • Ticket notification & status

Bandwidth Management

  • Monitoring your bandwidth usage and efficiency to cloud email, applications, or general internet usage
  • Ensure optimum performance of your internet connection and your cloud applications

Scheduled Maintenance

  • Proactive scheduled maintenance
  • Backup/Restore testing
  • Workstation/Server utilization testing
  • Network utilization testing
  • Security testing


  • PCI

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