Performance.  Reliability.  Ease of Use.

In today’s ever-changing Audio Video environment, changes occur at a rapid pace making selecting a solution for control of audio and video sources extremely challenging. Our solutions not only simplify operation of your audio or video sources, but also provide room to incorporate future technologies. Our goal is to not confuse a client with overwhelming technical details, but to design and deliver the basic user-friendly functionality requested by the client.

Benefits of our solutions


Our solutions are geared towards simplicity with one-touch control via a wireless pad, either handheld or wall-mounted.  We eliminate the need of going over to a cluttered equipment rack to make changes or having to adjust multiple devices just to do something as easy as adjusting the volume.

IP Based:

Our solutions are IP based which allows us to handle a vast majority of the post-installation adjustments or service calls remotely.  This expedites and enhances our level of service to our clients.


Our solutions can be installed for simple background music in a restaurant to a large hotel ballroom with multiple partitions.  In addition, we can control multiple TV’s in one room or TVs spread across multiple locations in a property, all from one wireless pad.


Our solutions are installed in a wide variety of client types as well as indoor and outdoor.  A summary of install locations include:

  • Hotel Public Spaces, Back of House, Ballrooms
  • Doctor Offices
  • Restaurants
  • Corporate Offices
  • Apartment Offices and Public Spaces
  • Pilates and Fitness Studios
  • Spas
  • Offshore Oil & Gas Vessels


We design, provide the cabling infrastructure and install our solutions.  You only need one vendor to deliver the audio or video experience desired and service and support you after the sale.