Hosted PBX is the most efficient, convenient, secure, and cost-effective business telephone solution available.

  • Internet-Based – Connect to your employees and customers from anywhere.
  • Affordable – No new systems to buy, everything is included in one bill.
  • Scalable – Only pay for the features you want and expand at any time.
  • Managed – No Hardware to maintain in-house and no software to upgrade. We handle it all.

What is Hosted PBX?

Hosted PBX is a feature-rich, internet-based phone system. Connect to customers and employees from anywhere. Make calls from phones, laptops or any smart device. Hosted PBX uses the internet to provide you with reliable phone service wherever you need it.

With Hosted PBX from UniversalComOne, you do not have to replace your current phone system or pay for professional installation and all maintenance is done remotely. You work with one company and receive one bill. It is a nimble, affordable solution for businesses of any size. You keep the clarity, security, and reliability of a land-line and gain all the features and benefits of this modern technology.

What features are available with Hosted PBX?

The full list of available features is extensive and includes services like Salesforce Integration, teleconferencing, unified messaging, and call recording. Universal ComOne can customize the right package for your company, whether you are a three person team or a multi-national corporation. You only pay for the features you need and you can add or remove services at any time.


Every Hosted PBX System Includes:

  • Local Dial Tone
  • Long Distance
  • Caller Id
  • Voicemail with Email Forwarding
  • Dedicated Number for each Phone
  • Detailed Call Records
  • Automated Attendant
  • Easy management via Web Portal

Universal ComOne Customers Receive

  • 24/7 Onsite Service
  • Consistent, No-Surprise Billing
  • The latest technology always available
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Secure Data Center Equipment Storage


Unified Messaging

Use one interface to manage all of your calls, faxes, emails, text messages, and voicemail. With unified messaging, you only need one account to keep track of it all.

Call Recording

Record every incoming and outgoing call or give select employees the ability to record calls on-demand.

Speech Recognition

Instead of “Press 1 for Service,” save your customers frustration with the ability to speak a request. They get to the help they need sooner and are happier with the process.

Mobile Extension

Stay connected whether you are in the office or out. With Mobile Extension one number rings to multiple devices simultaneously. You are never out of reach and have one number and one voicemail.

Video Conferencing

Save travel time and money by connecting with your customers or remote offices via video.

Contact Center

Enhance your customer service experience by routing incoming calls to the appropriate customer service agent. Supervisors can view real-time call statistics so agents handle every call promptly. Customers can be informed of wait times and also chat with a service representative via your website.

Call Accounting

Control cost, toll fraud, and misuse by tracking and reporting every inbound and outbound phone call. With customized reports you get the information you need, but also have the flexibility to search for a specific entry.

Audio Conference Bridge

Host your own audio conference instead of paying monthly fees for the service. Have complete control of your Conferences by sending out email invites to customers or employees, see who has logged in to the call, and add, remove, or mute people in the conference.

Web Collaboration

Host your own web meeting instead of paying monthly fees for the service. You can meet with your customers over the Web and share presentations and proposals.

Google Chrome Integration

Corporate Google Applications users have the ability to use system capabilities directly within their Chrome web browser, providing quick, convenient access to inbound, outbound and in-call features – effciently and with minimal distraction. Users can search their Google Contacts, see caller information, track activity, and reroute incoming calls all without leaving the Chrome browser window.


Users need only log into Salesforce and all communication and documentation can be done within the CRM. All pertinent client information is on their screen when interacting with the client. During a call, users can engage others by transfer or conference, create a subject description, enter freeform notes or select from preconfigured frequently-used phrases. Upon call completion, they can generate wrap-up actions pre-populated with contact details.


5320 & 5320e

Standard phone with 10/100 or gigabit switching, (16) self-Labeling Buttons, large graphic display, full-duplex speakerphone, (3) softkeys, and orange/ green button indicator to distinguish active call.


Enterprise-class phone with embedded gigabit support, (24) self-labeling buttons, large backlit display, wideband audio handset, full-duplex speakerphone, (3) softkeys, and orange/ green button indicator to distinguish active call.


Executive-class phone with embedded gigabit support, (48) self-labeling buttons, large backlit display, wideband audio handset, full-duplex speakerphone, (6) softkeys, and orange/ green button indicator to distinguish active call.


Premier-class phone with gigabit support, (48) self-labeling buttons, large color touch screen display, wideband audio handset, full-duplex speakerphone, touch screen sidecar with easy access to embedded or internet based applications, orange/green button indicator to distinguish active call.


Wireless DECT Handset has a full dial pad and color screen. Base Station provides the freedom and convenience phone to have a range up to 300 feet. Antenna The DECT stand fits on the back of a 5330, 5340, or 5360 IP phone and allows a range of up to 300 feet of mobility from the base.



Add the 12 or 48 button Programmable Key Module (PKM) to any 5330 or 5340 to mange more lines or extensions.

Cordless Accessories

Cordless Headset and Handset allow the user to have mobility and answer calls up to 300 feet from their phone.

Bluetooth Module can be used to integrate third party headsets to your 5330, 5340, 5360 IP Phone

Conference Unit

This full-duplex conference unit can be added to any 5330, 5340, or 5360 IP Phone. It features acoustic beam-forming technology to eliminate ambient room noise and side conversations.

Why Hosted PBX from Universal ComOne?

For more than 30 years Universal ComOne has provided voice, data and cloud-based services to businesses of all sizes in the Gulf South region. With our Hosted PBX system you can advance your company’s infrastructure and eliminate the pain of multiple vendors with separate bills. We handle everything, saving you time and money, and if something does go wrong – our 24/7 support is here to help. It’s time to upgrade your phone systems to a simple, flexible, powerful solution with Hosted PBX from Universal ComOne.

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“What I’m most impressed with is Universal ComOne’s service department. In the past, I might have called my previous vendor and then would be left on hold for 45 minutes but with Universal, an email or call to support results with answers or help almost immediately.”

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ABC Rental, Inc.